Workplace mental health. Stop taking shots in the dark!

Establishing a Strategic Approach to Mental Health in the Workplace

At AV Wellbeing, we believe workplace mental health should never be left to chance, the ‘stab in the dark’ approach is a waste of time and money . We advocate for a structured, strategic approach, underpinned by measurability, progress tracking, and feedback. Building such an approach demands collaboration, compassion, and a relentless commitment to improvement. We partner closely with businesses, tailoring solutions to meet their unique needs and priorities. From leveraging NHS experience to simplifying complex topics, we’re here to guide businesses every step of the way on their journey towards fostering mental well-being in the workplace.

Understanding the Importance of Mental Health Awareness

At the heart of our mission lies mental health awareness. It’s about actively listening to employees, extending support, and demystifying complex subjects to ensure accessibility for all. Prioritising mental health awareness enables businesses to cultivate a warm, inclusive environment where employees feel valued and respected.

Why Prioritise Mental Well-being in the Workplace?

  1. Enhanced Employee Performance: Supporting employees leads to better performance. Prioritising mental well-being empowers teams and managers to take charge of their own well-being and that of their colleagues, resulting in heightened productivity and job satisfaction.
  2. Reduced Absenteeism and Turnover: Investing in mental health initiatives yields tangible benefits. Tailored well-being solutions and clinical expertise create an environment where employees feel supported and valued, ultimately mitigating the risk of burnout and disengagement.
  3. Improved Workplace Culture: A positive workplace culture hinges on trust, respect, and inclusivity. Prioritising mental health fosters a fun, supportive environment where employees feel safe discussing their concerns and seeking assistance when needed.
  4. Attraction and Retention of Talent: In today’s competitive landscape, prioritising mental health is a differentiator. Businesses that do so effectively attract and retain top talent, positioning themselves as employers of choice.
  5. Legal and Ethical Obligations: As responsible employers, businesses have a duty to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Prioritising mental health demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and reduces the risk of legal and ethical complications.

Challenges in Prioritising Mental Health

Despite the benefits, businesses may encounter hurdles:

  • Stigma and Misconceptions: Overcoming stigma necessitates ongoing education and open conversations to foster acceptance and understanding.
  • Resource Limitations: Budget constraints can pose challenges, but partnering with experienced providers like AV Wellbeing allows for cost-effective, tailored solutions.
  • Resistance to Change: Implementing new policies may face resistance, but involving employees in the process and highlighting benefits can foster collaboration and innovation.
  • Measurement and Evaluation: Assessing the impact of initiatives is crucial. Establishing clear metrics and evaluation frameworks enables businesses to track progress and demonstrate effectiveness.

Establishing a strategic approach to mental health is vital for creating a supportive, inclusive, and productive work environment. By prioritising mental well-being, businesses can enhance performance, reduce absenteeism and turnover, and attract top talent. With collaboration, compassion, and clinical expertise, businesses can create a workplace where mental health is valued and prioritised.

She struggled with her own gut health for many years, with over-the-counter medicines failing to provide any relief, so decided to take matters into her own hands, completing a three-year diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

She now works with people struggling with their own gut health, hormonal imbalances and chronic disease, taking a full-body approach to their health.

She delivers our Cultivating a Healthy Gut for Good Mental Health programme.

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Her background is in mental health and wellbeing having worked in a range of settings including businesses, the NHS and charities.

Kate has lived experience of mental illness and previously worked as a Peer Supporter for the NHS before joining a local company delivering sport and wellbeing session in schools where she spent many years before becoming a freelance trainer.

Kate has been a qualified Mental Health First Aid instructor since 2014.

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Her vast experience in business – working as a management consultant for companies like KPMG before setting up her own consultancy practice – has seen her designing and delivering practical interventions to companies from varying sectors.

She developed her own model for employee engagement that has seen fantastic success in the corporate world.
Sue has an MA in HRM/MCIPD and is a BPS registered Behaviour Assessor.

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