Poor mental health costs businesses in the UK a whopping £45 billion each year. This figure takes into account absenteeism, long term sick leave and the more recently talked about presenteeism. Investing in workplace training and support has been found to offer a significant return. For every £1 a workplace invests in mental health and wellbeing it gains a £5 return. This boost in support enhances employee health and in turn improves productivity, morale and motivation of the workforce.

People are at the centre of our values. We want businesses to benefit from our services by making real change, improving the support they provide. If businesses want a quick fix or to tick a box we are not their provider. We want to make a difference. With decades of experience in this field, we are able to assess the needs of each business and provide training and services that suit them. Our services have been crafted based on our ongoing clients from a range of industries.

Risk assessment and policy

Risk assessments and policies are essential for business. They provide clarity and consistency for all stakeholders within business and ensure compliance with law and legislation. We support businesses to review and update existing risk assessments and policies or create new ones. We work collaboratively to ensure that values are at the core. We work in line with Health and safety executive guidance and current empirical health research.

Mental Health First Aid (Refresher)

It is recommended by MHFA England, that Mental Health First Aider’s refresh their skills every 3 years. This ensures they are up to date with the latest research, statistics and legislation.


Line manager Mental Health Awareness

We deliver a four hour training session for managers supporting their teams with mental health and wellbeing. This popular training session has been delivered to hundreds of people both online and face to face.


Mental Health First Aid (Half day aware course)

We deliver the half day ‘aware’ course from MHFA England. This course is for businesses wanting to train all of their staff in the skills to spot signs and start conversations surrounding mental health.


Mental Health First Aid (Two day accredited)

We provide the two day MHFA England, accredited Mental Health First Aid course. Since we began providing MHFA four years ago, we have trained over 1000 Mental Health First Aiders within variety of industries from healthcare to construction and manufacturing. We support some of the UK’s biggest law, retail and manufacturing businesses that we are proud to collaborate with.


Mental health First Aid (one day champion course)

We deliver the one day ‘champion’ course from MHFA England. This course is excellent for businesses who already have MHFAiders and want to train the rest of their team in a shorter course that utilises the same framework.