Mental health first aid training

Accredited training to reduce stigma and increase mental health awareness in your workplace

Reducing stigma around mental health in the workplace helps create a supportive, productive environment where all staff can thrive.

But knowing how to do this, and how to start those tricky conversations, can be difficult.

Mental Health First Aid training empowers your colleagues with the knowledge and confidence to support their peers. It breaks down barriers, provides vital resources and gives people the skills to recognise the signs and symptoms of poor mental health – in themselves or others.

We’re proud to be Mental Health First Aid England-accredited instructors and in the past four years we’ve trained more than 1,000 Mental Health First Aiders in a wide range of industries.

We offer a variety of courses to suit your budget and timescales, from the full two-day training to half-day refreshers.

You can choose from in-house training for your organisation or book a slot on one of the open courses we hold throughout the year.

Accredited Mental Health First Aid (two-day)

By the end of this two-day course participants will be accredited Mental Health First Aiders.

Through a series of interactive training sessions they will learn:

How to recognise signs and symptoms of poor mental health

How to start supportive conversations with anyone who may be struggling

How to assess that person’s level of risk

How to direct them to professional help

How to direct them toward other support

How to promote good mental health in the workplace

They will leave with a deeper understanding of the issues that impact mental health and with practical skills that can be used every day to help those around them.

The training is not just about mental health crisis, but about prevention too. It looks at reducing the stigma associated with poor mental health and how to enhance good mental health in the workplace, with a big focus on listening skills, compassion and empathy.

After their training all participants will have access to ongoing learning and support through the MHFAider Support App® which provides a variety of resources to help signpost people to appropriate services. The app gives 24/7 digital support, access to exclusive resources, ongoing learning opportunities, and the benefit of joining England’s largest community of trained Mental Health First Aiders.

There’s also the option to take an e-assessment to gain the Royal Society of Public Health’s Level 3 Award in Mental Health First Aid – an internationally-recognised, Ofqual regulated qualification that demonstrates continued commitment to, and understanding of, the subject.

Mental Health First Aid Champions (one-day course)

This Mental Health England-accredited course is excellent for businesses who already have Mental Health First Aiders and want to train the rest of their team in a shorter course that uses the same framework.

Employees will gain the confidence and knowledge to help support those with common mental health issues, an understanding of how to create a mentally healthy workplace and how to challenge stigma.

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Mental Health First Aid Aware course (half-day)

This half-day course is ideal for businesses wanting to give large numbers of staff a general overview of the signs and symptoms of poor mental health, and the skills to start conversations around it.

Accredited by Mental Health England, participants do not become qualified Mental Health First Aiders but will have an excellent overview of the topics covered in the longer two-day course.

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Mental Health First Aid (Refresher)

Mental Health England recommend that Mental Health First Aiders refresh their skills every three years.

This half-day course ensures they are up to date with the latest research, statistics and legislation.

“Amy’s ability to approach difficult topics is incredible. She makes the training really professional and finds ways to interact with everyone.”

MHFA 2-day course attendee

More support via the AV WELL.HUB

More support via the AV WELL.HUB
More support via the AV WELL.HUB
More support via the AV WELL.HUB
More support via the AV WELL.HUB
More support via the AV WELL.HUB
More support via the AV WELL.HUB
More support via the AV WELL.HUB

As with all our courses, participants will get free access to our AV I WELL.HUB, our growing community for everyone that has accessed our training or consultancy services. This includes:

FREE access to monthly calls with an expert, talking about all things mental health.

FREE access to our resources that are updated monthly.

FREE access to our forum where members of our HUB post and share more resources.

She struggled with her own gut health for many years, with over-the-counter medicines failing to provide any relief, so decided to take matters into her own hands, completing a three-year diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

She now works with people struggling with their own gut health, hormonal imbalances and chronic disease, taking a full-body approach to their health.

She delivers our Cultivating a Healthy Gut for Good Mental Health programme.

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Her background is in mental health and wellbeing having worked in a range of settings including businesses, the NHS and charities.

Kate has lived experience of mental illness and previously worked as a Peer Supporter for the NHS before joining a local company delivering sport and wellbeing session in schools where she spent many years before becoming a freelance trainer.

Kate has been a qualified Mental Health First Aid instructor since 2014.

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Her vast experience in business – working as a management consultant for companies like KPMG before setting up her own consultancy practice – has seen her designing and delivering practical interventions to companies from varying sectors.

She developed her own model for employee engagement that has seen fantastic success in the corporate world.
Sue has an MA in HRM/MCIPD and is a BPS registered Behaviour Assessor.

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