Corporate Training

Open Courses

Training is the foundation to a healthy workplace.

Educating people about mental health supports open conversations, breaks down stigma and encourages resilience. It can also ensure people are aware of how to access help- allowing for a quicker recovery with a more positive outcome.

We believe the most effective way to create a healthy working environment is to educate people about mental health and offer skills to support anyone experiencing mental ill health at work. Every workplace is different, but we offer a framework that not only gives people the skills in the classroom, but also provides employers and employees a robust support network when they go back to work. In our experience this has the greatest sustainable impact.


Mental Health Aware

Length: Half Day
Ideal for: Everyone
Tackle stigma and empower people to access the other initiatives and supports you are putting in place

MHFA Champions

Length: One Day
Ideal for: Line managers
Equip people with the skills and confidence to spot when someone on their team is struggling and to know how and when to offer support

Mental Health First Aiders

Length: Two Day
Ideal for: Designated staff at every level
Equip designated Mental Health First Aiders with skills to spot signs of a range of mental health issues and guide a person to appropriate support

MHFA Refresher

Refresh the skills every three years

“Mental Health First Aid is not a panacea”

We are a value driven company providing Mental Health First Aid (as accredited by Mental Health England), Resilience and Mental Health Awareness training.

At AV|WELLBEING we are very passionate about providing individuals and businesses knowledge and skills to support people with mental ill health. We have an objective of creating healthier, more compassionate and more productive workplaces. Our aim is to not only provide excellent training, but also to provide an inclusive membership via AV|WELL.HUB, post training. Mental Health First Aid is not a panacea and we do not treat it as such. What we do know is that having access to peer support, additional training and regular contact with your MHFA instructor offers a greater chance of integrating Mental Health First Aiders into workplaces. Vitally it also offers the MHFAiders more tools to take care of themselves. 

Alongside our membership program, we also offer support developing policies and procedures to encompass Mental Health First Aid and wellbeing in the workplace. 

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