Menopause at work

Supporting women at work during peri-menopause and menopause is important for both employers and women themselves. 

Whilst some women experience minimal discomfort, many experiencing symptoms can find it to be a challenging time. Symptoms can be severe for many and understandably impact on emotional and physical health. Rarely do these symptoms get discussed at work, often leading to women feeling alone and misunderstood. We want workplaces to be informed, compassionate and supportive. 

At AV WELLBEING we want to guide businesses to:-

⭐️ Ensure adequate training is given to HR, managers and colleagues to support those experiencing menopausal symptoms.

⭐️ Break down barriers, to create healthy and equipped working spaces for women experiencing symptoms of the menopause.

⭐️ Make sure everyone has access to support and resources surrounding menopause and peri-menopause.

⭐️Create support opportunities such as a women’s network or menopause cafe to support further.

⭐️ Look at flexible working.


Really informative session on health and menopause.

Thank you.

At AV WELLBEING we provide training to support workplaces who want to enhance the support they provide women at work. Our training covers:-

⭐️ Mindfulness and menopause

⭐️ Health and menopause 

⭐️ Food and the menopause

⭐️Psychology and the menopause 

At AV WELLBEING we also support managers and employers to understand the importance of women’s health at work. Our menopause in the workplace training covers the following areas.

⭐️ Explanation of menopause.

⭐️ Menopause symptoms.

⭐️ Legislation.

⭐️Case studies.

⭐️ Benefits of policies.

⭐️ Staff retention


Amy draws on her vast background experience in mental health to put theory into practice in a very manageable way, which will enhance and make differences in our business relating to safeguarding and wellbeing. 


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