Line Manager Awareness Training

Have confident and clear conversations about mental health at work

Would you like to be confident in recognising the signs and symptoms of mental ill health in your team?

Would you like a simple framework to follow to ensure you have supported team members with clear and effective guidance?

Do you fear saying the wrong thing and therefore avoid having conversations about mental health?

Are you overwhelmed with work and don’t feel able to support others?

     You are not alone *

 67% of line managers would find it difficult to recognise symptoms of mental ill health at work.

A whopping 83% of line managers wouldn’t feel confident to start a conversation about mental health with one of their team.

61% of people wouldn’t know where to direct their teams to get the relevant support.

100% of line managers felt mental ill health was a greater concern for workplaces since the pandemic.

Now more than ever line managers should have the knowledge and skills to have tricky conversations, easily!

What if instead of feeling overwhelmed and fearful, you felt, knowledgeable, and confident?

What if you were able to have conversations that you thought would be tricky, easily.

What if you had a simple and easy framework to follow to guide the support you gave?

What if you could recognise common symptoms of mental ill health and direct your team the most appropriate supports?

AV I WELLBEING’s Line manager training is going to give you all this and more!

Delivered by Amy Huskisson, our half day session will cover:-

  • How to recognise the common signs of mental ill health at work.
  • Understand the difference between mental health and wellbeing.
  • Recognition of how our stressors and beliefs can impact on the support we give.
  • Learn how to respond with empathy utilising basic listening skills.
  • Learn how to act on the knowledge you have gained from having positive and supportive conversations.
  • Learn how to make plans that is appropriate for your team member.
  • Learn how to revisit plans and the support you give.

Plus, you get these additional perks!

  • FREE access to our new membership AV I WELL.HUB, our growing community for everyone that has accessed our training or consultancy services.
  • FREE access to monthly calls with an expert, talking about all thing’s ‘mental health’.
  • FREE access to our resources that are updated monthly.
  • Free access to our FORUM where members of our HUB post and share more resources.


A downloadable manual and integrated workbook

What our clients say

 “Amy’s insights, approach, experiences make her a successful trainer. Her style manner and attitude inspire confidence as well as a sense of calm.”

  Sue Colton, HR consultant

“I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who cares about mental health. Amy was extremely engaging and gave us specific examples from her wealth of knowledge to use going forward.”

 Robert Wesley

     “Our trainer, Amy was amazing…” 

Chris Mellors