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Peter Abrahamsen, The Emotional Weightlifter®, is a seasoned psychologist and coach. His 40+ year career spans various industries and levels of seniority from the most junior to the most senior. He has a thorough understanding of business and the often very lonely life at the top of the company tree. He is a sought-after speaker on mental wellbeing in general and in business in particular.

Peter works with the legal profession. He helps lawyers overcome work and life issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, OCD, fears, phobias, trauma, and PTSD. Lawyers also come to Peter when they want to figure out what to do next with their career and life.

Peter also offers a bespoke programme for ambitious law firm partners who want to future proof their organisations. Peter focuses on nurturing and growing the internal strength of your organisation – your employees.

Peter has published “Break Down Your Emotional Brick Wall” and is a co-author of the #1 international bestseller “Transforming Your Life vol. 3”

September Expert talk (1)

Peter Abrahamsen

“Why Yoga doesn’t Fix a Toxic Work Culture”

In this talk, Peter discusses

  • What a toxic work culture means, who creates it and who maintains it?
  • Popular tools and techniques available for self-care and why they only address symptoms and not the causes of chronic stress
  • Coping mechanisms identified through research (speaking with your manager being one of the least favoured options. Lower than alcohol)
  • The systemic issues leading to poor mental health among employees (root cause)
  • Poor mental health can be caused by events outside of work and that employers need to be supportive and sympathetic towards such cases.

Kirsty is an experienced and award-winning mental health trainer, coach and mindfulness and self-compassion facilitator. She has a particular interest in self compassion approaches to help manage anxiety in times of uncertainty and relate to ourselves more helpfully during difficulty and has gained  an MSc in Mindfulness and Compassion approaches and is an accredited Compassionate Mind facilitator. Originally qualified as a Registered General Nurse and Occupational Health nurse she has worked within many different workplace settings. She has extensive experience in developing strategic approaches for improving mental health and wellbeing at work, working previously as a Mental Wellbeing specialist for National Grid.  Kirsty has developed and delivered many sessions which help people to improve their mental health and wellbeing at work, including line manager training, helping managers to feel confident when supporting individuals at work experiencing distress and to create an environment in which people can flourish. Kirsty runs regular retreats helping individuals to develop mindfulness and self-compassion skills, especially those experiencing pain from physical health difficulties and emotional distress.  She is also a qualified psychotherapist and coach.

September Expert talk (2)

Kirtsy Lilley

‘Sustaining wellbeing through difficulty: The gifts of compassion’

Life can be overwhelming at times, and we might struggle to find ways of supporting ourselves through difficulty. The last few years have certainly been anxiety provoking in many ways and as we continue to navigate the pandemic and grapple with other national and global events its more important than ever to develop a compassionate and supportive relationship with yourself and others. Our most difficult thoughts and feelings can have a significant impact on our wellbeing so learning to respond to difficulty and motivate ourselves with compassion over harsh self-criticism gives us the necessary resources to continue in the face of challenges. In this talk we will explore

  • What is compassion and what does it involve
  • How does it support our wellbeing?
  • The three flows of compassion, supporting ourselves and others
  • The three-circle emotional systems model and how it might support us.
  • The importance of the compassionate workplace.
  • Soothing rhythm breathing practice.

Have you ever compared yourself negatively with other people, or felt that you’re not good enough? Do you sometimes feel like a failure, or criticise yourself when you make a mistake? If it’s a ‘yes’ to any of these, you’re not alone, come along to the talk and explore the benefits of compassion.



Faith Holloway is the Compassionate Employers Programme Lead at Hospice UK. Compassionate Employers is a workplace programme and benchmarking scheme for supporting employees through grief, caring responsibilities or a terminal diagnosis. 

 Faith is a regular speaker and facilitator at conferences including Health and Wellbeing at Work and the Great British Workplace Wellbeing Series. Faith is passionate about sharing best practice and normalising conversations about grief and care in the workplace.

September Expert talk (3)

Faith Holloway

Supporting employees through grief’

Recently, the UK has been thrown into a period of mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Where the Queen’s passing affected you directly or not, it may have triggered past grief you have experienced. Supporting people through loss, grief or where they may have a terminal family member or friend can be challenging for all. Faith is coming to talk about how we can support people effectively in the workplace when this occurs. 

Amy draws on her vast background experience in mental health to put theory into practice in a very manageable way, which will enhance and make differences in our business relating to safeguarding and wellbeing. 


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