Our gut is our second brain

..there is an intricate relationship between our gut and our brain. Our gut microbiome can impact on our neurotransmitters, our behaviour and our performance

Are you experiencing low mood?  

Do you get brain fog?

Are you experiencing increased anxiety?

At AV I WELLBEING we are offering a 6 month programme with Krista, our associate registered nutritionist to improve gut health and in turn enhance your mental wellbeing.

The science behind the connection between our gut and brain is ever growing. The feedback loop between these two systems is primitive and our gut microbiome can impact significantly on our mood, stress levels and even our thinking patterns. In fact, our gut produces 95% of the serotonin in your body. Serotonin is one of ‘happy hormones’ and when it is diminished within our gut this can have a negative impact on our brain health.

Our physical and mental health can be viewed as separate entities, however, for optimum brain and physiological health we must support them simultaneously. Our programme aims to support optimal overall health. 

Trust your gut

What the programme includes:-

  • An initial consultation
  • A personalised diet, lifestyle and supplement plan
  • Recipe idea’s
  • 4 follow ups
  • Regular check-ins
  • The option to upgrade to functional assessment.

“Talking to Krista is great as she listens to everything I have said and asks lots of questions to make sure the plan is suited and personalised to the problems I have. Her support is fantastic, and she is always available if I have any questions or I am struggling.”

Cassie, 2021

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