The strength of our team is each individual member.  The strength of each member is the team.

Phil Jackson

We value people.

We are a value driven company providing Mental Health First Aid (as accredited by Mental Health England), Resilience and Mental Health Awareness training.

At AV|WELLBEING LTD we are very passionate about providing individuals and businesses knowledge and skills to support people with mental ill health.

We have an objective of creating healthier, more compassionate and more productive workplaces. We are responsive to the needs of all of our clients and understand that each individual/company require different levels of support and guidance.

Alongside training, we support the development of policies and procedures to encompass Mental Health First Aid and wellbeing in the workplace. We also offer ongoing support following our training to help businesses engage with staff in a compassionate, effective and evidence based way.


Amy is AV|WELLBEING LTD’s owner and principal trainer. She has 12 years experience working in Mental Health services and has worked directly with individuals with a variety of mental health needs including anxiety, depression, enduring mental illness and personality disorders.

Alongside direct clinical work, Amy has developed training packages in such as, Autism, learning disabilities, boundaries and risk assessment. Amy developed and evaluated the ‘building our resilience’ programme and presented the outcomes at the division of Forensic psychology conference in 2018. This followed a year long evaluation of the training course and the positive impact it had on the knowledge and skills of the delegates. She ran the training for a variety of professionals including doctors, nurses, psychologists and occupational therapists in hospitals around the country.

Due to Amy’s enjoyment and passion delivering training she set up AV|WELLBEING LTD. Continuing to run workshops for healthcare providers and then choosing to branch out to corporate business. This following an evident need for mental health support in the workplace. Amy wants to ensure that businesses are provided with the toolkits and guidance to be able to support employees in a compassionate and non- judgemental way.

Amy became a Mental Health First Aid instructor in 2018 and her main aim is to make sure that people are promoting change in their business in addition to attending this valuable training. Therefore, she has developed an approach to Mental Health in the workplace that will equip employers and managers with the tools to promote cultural change, where mental health becomes destimagtised and companies can obtain healthy, compassionate, resilient and more productive workplaces.


Deanne’s background is largely in Operations Management and HR Management.  She has an L7 Postgraduate in Strategic Management, a L7 Diploma in Strategic HR Management and is currently studying for a L4 Diploma in Counselling. She has significant experience in people management and her interest in mental health was sparked not only seeing family and friends struggle, but also staff in workplaces with prolonged sickness absence, which had significant impact on their lives and could have been prevented or better managed with early intervention and appropriate signposting
She has worked as a volunteer counsellor for Childline and is currently working as an associate trainer for other organisations in addition to running her own in house and public training courses.
She is passionate about raising awareness and reducing stigma, to enable mental illness to be understood and treated appropriately and we are happy to have her supporting us in delivering high quality training. 


Kate Jackson is an Occupational Therapist specialising in Mental Health and Wellbeing. Occupational Therapists provide practical support to empower people to recover from an illness or disability. When people experience problems with their emotional health and wellbeing, they often find that the activities they have always done or need/want to do become more difficult. This can be due to things like changes in motivation levels, confidence in their own abilities or being unable focus. Occupational Therapy enables people to regain their sense of identity, find solutions to manage their difficulties and, ultimately, experience better mental and emotional health. Occupational Therapists are skilled in supporting people to identify realistic, achievable and meaningful goals in a supportive, focused and compassionate way.

Kate has worked as an Occupational Therapist in a range of adult mental health services and is an experienced University Lecturer and trainer. She sees individual clients for 1:1 Solution Focused Occupational Therapy sessions and provides Mindfulness classes and courses. Kate also delivers Mental Health and Wellbeing workshops, guidance and 1:1 sessions in a variety of workplaces and organisations.

Kate takes a grounded and friendly approach to working with people to develop self-management skills to improve their Mental Health and Wellbeing. More recently, Kate has trained to become a Mental Health First Aid instructor, which is an internationally recognised course aiming to reduce stigma and improve confidence in talking about mental health issues. Evidence shows that at any one time, 1 in 4 adults will be experiencing difficulties with their mental wellbeing, therefore, it is important to develop knowledge and skills in this area to help ourselves and others.


Karen is a guest trainer with AV|WELLBEING LTD. She is a Welfare & Safeguarding Officer for a charity called Racing Welfare. This role has gained her many years of experience with Mental Health issues, engaging with people from the age of 16 through to retirement and their later years.

She is a qualified counsellor and uses her skills to help deliver the Mental Health First Aid course around the county. She has a warm and friendly approach and although Mental Health issues are a serious subject, she aims for the delegates on the Mental Health First Aid courses to enjoy the journey and learning experience.